Technology and innovation

Latest Technologies in the Airgun Market

Powerplants: Your favourite airguns’ heart

Gamo has always been a synonym of precision and versatility, reason why it has developed multiple power plants that will be able to satisfy the needs of any airgun shooter. Worldwide known due to its reliable spring break barrel mechanism, Gamo is also producing pneumatic charge airguns (IGT) which are able to provide a smoother shooting experience and PCP air rifles, designed to guarantee an extremely precise and recoil-free shooting.

  • Precharged Pneumatic air system. Smoothness and precision at its best.

Gamo’s last generation PCP system provides a smooth, powerful and accurate shooting due to its sophisticated compression system, which supplies a constant air feed that efficiently boosts pellets of all calibers. This state of the art technology consists on a strengthened steel air cylinder which is able to deliver high power levels by using a mechanic opening valve, which can be adjusted to offer the desired power level, expanding or lessening respectively the tank’s autonomy. PCP cylinders can be charged in a few minutes both using a mechanical or electronic pump, so they become a really good alternative to classic break barrel carbines. Even though their autonomy is limited to the remaining air quantity available in the tank, they offer a really accurate recoil-free shooting experience which break barrel airguns are still far from achieving.

  • IGT® Improve your Knockdown power and accuracy

Gamo’s IGT® Technology replaces the traditional main spring by a last generation pneumatic cylinder, improving the terminal velocity, providing a more consistent power level, reducing cocking efforts and lessening undesired vibrations.

  • IGT Mach 1® Maximum shooting efficiency

Gamo’s IGT Mach 1® is the latest update to our popular IGT® technology. This new propulsion system consists on a 33mm pneumatic cylinder which replaces the airgun’s main spring improving the terminal velocity, providing a more consistent power level, reducing cocking efforts and lessening undesired vibrations.

Gamo Tech: Disruptive ideas meet Revolutionary engineering

After more than 60 years manufacturing air pistols and carbines, Gamo keeps the technological component of its DNA more alive than ever, distancing itself from its competitors by developing completely disruptive technologies.

  • Multishot® 10X Quick-Shot rapid reload technology

Gamo’s 10x Quick Shot® rapid reload system has already become a market reference. This exclusive technology relies on a multi-shot rotary magazine which allows the shooter to blast up to 10 shots without touching a single pellet, improving the user’s autonomy, reducing reload timings and providing a more intense and enjoyable hunt. Forget about reloading, just cock your break barrel airgun and focus on the things that really matter out there. Gamo’s 10x Quick Shot® technology is available only in select Gamo air rifles.

Recoil Reduction Systems: Recoil will never be a problem again

Even though modern airguns are noticeably more refined than they used to be some years ago, eliminating recoil has always been an objective for Gamo. A recoil-free shot is by definition more precise and consistent for both the user and the weapon lifespan, that is why Gamo has worked on several systems that not only reduce it considerably, but will make you completely forget about it.

  • SWA. Shock Wave Absorber. Recoil will never be a problem again

The new SWA recoil pad has been developed in Gamo’s laboratories to improve the rate of absorption (Kilograms) and the recoil distance (millimeters) of regular recoil pads. This disruptive technology is based on a removable pad system which has been integrated into the airgun’s butt, providing up to 74% more absorption than standard recoil pads.

  • RRR® Recoil Reducing Rail. New scope rail with recoil dampening system

Gamo’s RRR® technology has been developed to subdue the stresses placed on the scope from the intense recoil of air guns and high-powered rifles. The Recoil Reducing Rail® uses a two-piece aluminum construction separated by dual polymer struts to absorb the shockwaves generated by the recoil. This innovative system is able to reduce stresses to internal components of the scope by almost 100%.

Whisper Sound Dampening Systems: The Best gets even better

Silence is without any doubt one of the most relevant attributes of the perfect shot. For this reason, Gamo has developed some state-of-the-art sound reduction systems which are capable of minimizing ordinary muzzle blasts. Integrating the sound moderator into the airgun’s barrel lets us provide an exceptional appearance to the airgun, and more importantly, it lets us keep the original weapon specifications without losing a single Joule of power.

  • Whisper Maxxim® Could anything be quieter than a whisper?

Gamo’s Whisper Maxxim® new sound supressing system features two sound dampening chambers, providing quieter performance as well as a best in class muzzle break design. This latest patented sound suppressor, which has been fully integrated into the rifled steel barrel, also helps to reduce recoil, providing an improved shooting experience.

  • Whisper® Prevent noise expansion

Gamo’s Whisper® technology consists on a sophisticated polymer-jacketed rifled steel barrel which integrates a last generation sound moderator that compresses noise and prevents sound expansion up to a 52% when compared to ordinary muzzle reports.

  • Bull Whisper® Strikingly silent

One of the latest innovations from Gamo is the new Bull Whisper® barrel, this technology allows Gamo airguns to reduce the sound due to the incorporated sound dampener into the bull barrel. The compressed air propels the pellet and passes though the Bull Whisper® that keeps part of the air reducing the noise but keeping the same velocity.

  • Whisper Fusion® The quietest quiet gun

Gamo’s Whisper Fusion® is the first sound suppressing system that simultaneously integrates two Whisper® technologies. This outstanding noise dampening system uses a multi-chamber sound suppressing structure followed by several baffles, which reduce even more the outcoming sound of high-powered air rifles.

Gamo Custom Shooting: Tailor-made accesories for the most demanding shooters

Gamo understands an airgun as an extension of the shooter, which directly affects the possibility of adaptation that the rifle can offer. Therefore, Gamo has developed diverse technologies with the aim of offering a personalized experience, which adapts to the tastes and preferences of each user.

  • SAT® Smooth Action Trigger® Smooth and precise last generation action trigger

Gamo’s SAT® is a new patented trigger which has already been incorporated in many models of the brand. The SAT® has been designed for all shooting disciplines, so it features a smooth trigger pull that increases the shooter’s rate of accuracy under any circumstance, providing a responsive and clean break when you need it most. The SAT letters are engraved on both sides of the trigger, which has been built in a stylish dark grey color ensuring a state of the art appearance to your new Gamo airgun.

  • CAT® Custom Action Trigger. New independently adjustable 2 stage trigger

Gamo’s new CAT® technology allows the shooter to adjust the 1st and 2nd stage of the trigger independently, modifying the total travel length of it. Simply loosen the 1st stage adjustment screw and the trigger travel increases. If a shorter travel length is desired just tighten the same screw to decrease the 1st stage travel length. The second adjustment is made just as easily – unscrew the adjustment setting to increase the 2nd stage travel length or decrease it by screwing in the same adjustment point.

  • Adjustable cheek piece: Fits all shooting positions

Gamo’s adjustable cheek piece is an ergonomic textured polymer structure designed to perfectly fit the shooter’s physical dimensions and aiming preferences, improving his accuracy and providing a more comfortable and pleasant shooting experience.