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Choosing the best stock for your air rifle. Choosing among polymer and wood.

Choosing a perfect stock for your air rifle

Polymer or Wood: Which one should we choose? Choosing a material for our rifle’s stock has been a matter of debate since the popularization of polymer as a potential substitute for wood. Synthetic compounds have come to stay, progressively invading the gunrooms of thousands of hunters, precision shooters and, of course, airgunners. It is virtually impossible to determine which material provides a better overall performance, …

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Discovering the origins of air rifles with Gamo.

Air compressed history: Meeting the first Airgun

Discovering your Air Rifles’ Ancestors The air rifle as we know it today was born in the modern ages, specifically during the Napoleonic wars. During this period, firearms were not enough efficient to replace melee fighting as a decisive element in combat. Factors such as humidity and slow recharging processes caused the firing frequency to oscillate between one and five shots per minute depending on …

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