Ammunition and equipment

Choosing a Scope for our Air Rifle

In general terms, a scope magnifies an element towards which the user aims the weapon, placing us in the same visual plane as the object to which we intend to shoot. This optical magnification is achieved through the use of a certain number of lenses, whose superposition facilitates the aforementioned magnification. The choice of a scope for our air rifle can be a complex task …

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Choosing the ideal Pellets

Main Pellet Shapes and Designs Today, we can find a really wide pellet offer in market, so we can choose among multiple styles and weights. In global terms, the traditional pellet shape -characterized by presenting a wider diameter on its front and rear- predominates among other formats, as its configuration minimizes frictions that take place between the projectile and the airgun’s barrel, reducing at the …

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Discover the most popular Airgun calibers.

Airgun Calibers

Choosing the Optimum Caliber After more than 60 years manufacturing carbines and airgun ammunition, and currently positioning as the world’s largest manufacturer of pellets, Gamo has witnessed the same question over more than three generations: Which is the best caliber? The answer to this question is much more basic and reasonable than we could imagine: All of them and at the same time none of …

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