Airgunning basics

Shooting Safely with an airgun. Gamo HV Storm, the best option for a safe airgun shooting journey.

12 Rules for a Safe Shooting Experience

Safety doesn’t happen by accident Airguns should never be considered toys. At Gamo, we exclusively recommend its use to adults and young people duly supervised. Making careless use of a weapon may involve serious injury or even death. Therefore, we have developed a list of recommendations to ensure a safe and satisfactory shooting experience: Keep the barrel always pointed in a safe direction, even if …

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Airguns vs Firearms: determining similarities and differences between both formats.

Airguns and firearms: How do they feel like?

Engineered to Perform: Next Generation Airguns Last generation airguns are getting dangerously close to traditional firearms in terms of technology, build quality and overall shooting experience. In fact, if you have never touched nor seen a low caliber rifle, you might not even be able to differentiate them. Industrial processes avid progress together with the users’ demanding standards has had a huge impact on this …

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Discover airgunning universe: Plinking, target shooting and varmint hunting among other activities with Gamo.

Getting Started into Airgunning Universe

Shooting with airguns: It’s worth a try When we think of an airgun, for most of us it is unavoidable to look back to our youth, remembering those vintage-looking pistols and carbines that we could find in toy stores and theme parks; products of dubious quality and precision that were exclusively designed for children. For many gun lovers, this kind of products are unattractive by …

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Types of airgunning and terminology. Choosing the best powerplant for each purpose

Types of airguns and terminology

It is all about the Powerplant Although airguns have evolved over time, their operational principles as well as their sportive orientation remain true to their origins. The main singularity of this popular type of weapon lies in the compression and storage of a specific gas that is released behind the projectile, which is at the same time propelled through the barrel. The main difference between …

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