Shooting disciplines

Airgun Shooting Disciplines

Multiple Disciplines for Endless Fun

Airguns, regardless of their format and typology, let us practice a large number of disciplines, which makes them a great option to enjoy at any time and situation. Unlike firearms, airguns offer a truly silent, dynamic and economic shooting experience that will let us improve our skills and accuracy in leaps and bounds. The number of activities that we can practice with them is countless, but the most popular disciplines are the following ones:

Plinking / Recreational Shooting: Plinking consists on short distance shooting over random targets which have not been specifically designed for precision shooting. Despite its name, plinking is not exclusively limited to metallic objects such as cans: any object that we could imagine can become a great target. Each material behaves in a certain way when our pellets impact on it, so this discipline can be a good option if we want to check our pellets performance.

Target shooting: Precision shooting can be practiced both in an amateur or professional way, using specific paper targets or participating in regulated competitions. This discipline is ideal for those who want to improve their aiming in the most quickly and safe way. Getting started into precision shooting should always be preceded by finding a proper place for us to learn in a safe and legal manner. Shooting outside authorized facilities may involve an economic penalty to the shooter, and even losing our air rifle.

Pest Control / Small Game: Small game hunting is a really exciting and dynamic sport. As we already mentioned, we must read, understand and respect the current legislation of the country in which we intend to develop the activity before using our airgun for such purpose. Hunting with airguns is prohibited in countries such as Spain, and its practice is strongly sanctioned.