Airgunning basics

12 Rules for a Safe Shooting Experience

Safety doesn’t happen by accident Airguns should never be considered toys. At Gamo, we exclusively recommend its use to adults and young people duly supervised. Making careless use of a weapon may involve serious injury or even death. Therefore, we have developed a list of recommendations to ensure a safe and satisfactory shooting experience: Keep the barrel always pointed in a safe direction, even if ...

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Ammunition and equipment

Choosing a Scope for our Air Rifle

In general terms, a scope magnifies an element towards which the user aims the weapon, placing us in the same visual plane as the object to which we intend to shoot. This optical magnification is achieved through the use of a certain number of lenses, whose superposition facilitates the aforementioned magnification. The choice of a scope for our air rifle can be a complex task ...

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Reviews, Anecdotes and More

Choosing a perfect stock for your air rifle

Polymer or Wood: Which one should we choose? Choosing a material for our rifle’s stock has been a matter of debate since the popularization of polymer as a potential substitute for wood. Synthetic compounds have come to stay, progressively invading the gunrooms of thousands of hunters, precision shooters and, of course, airgunners. It is virtually impossible to determine which material provides a better overall performance, ...

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Shooting disciplines

Hunting with Air Rifles

About Airgun Hunting: Legal Aspects Before using our airgun, we must read, understand and respect the current legislation of the country in which we intend to develop the activity. Hunting with airguns is prohibited in countries such as Spain, and its practice is strongly sanctioned. Gamo recommends making a legal and regulated use of its products. The first question that usually comes to our minds ...

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Technology and innovation

About Reloading Systems

The future is now: Discover Gamo’s revolutionary reloading system When deciding to purchase our first airgun -after a wide market prospecting process- most of us smartly opt for a traditional ‘break barrel’ rifle, which guarantees high levels of amusement and reliability at a really reasonable cost. This choice has very little room for discussion, as modern break barrel air rifles provide a really intense first ...

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